August 28, 2010

Maker Faire Rhode Island

Wiblocks Juinor Engineer, Jiovanni, demostrating wiblocks products at the 2010 Mini Maker Faire in Rhode Island. Jiovanni is particularly pleased with his new PICO1TRCL with 900nA of ground current, the NB2AS Altoids compatible Sanguino design that integrates a uSD, RTC and DAC and his new display table.

The table was made using dumpster reclaimed wood. The top is a glue-up consisting of strips of Microlam and Oak. The legs are made from 2x10's. Support along the length comes from two Microlam beams underneath. The Microlams and 2x10s are from a construction-site dumpster. The Oak comes from a backyard tree (Wakefield).