PCB Footprints

PCB Footprints

These are the PCB footprints that I have created with various Perl scripts. For the majority of the footprints it should be easy to determine the type of package from the filename. I will be documenting the filename formats as I create new footprints or modify the existing ones. For the surface mount components you should verify the footprint against the manufacturer's specification. There can be a fair amount of variation between manufacturers.

All of these footprints were created based on the file formats that are documented here. I then read Footprint creation for the open-source layout program PCB and learned about the clearance and mask parameters and the change of units from mils to hundreths of a mil. Most of the footprints are in mils and do not contain the clearance and mask parameters.

All of the footprints are contained in pcb-symbols-jcl_2008-4-25.tgz


In the pictures copper is black and silkscreen is blue. The scale of the pictures is 3.5 to 1. The scaling was set to a single value so that footprints could be compared. This almost works. Some of the long header connectors and the power transformers are clipped. Some of the SMD compoments are very small. Fixing the scaling has added to my list.

The collection of footprints and the individual footprints are Copyright (C) 2008 John C. Luciani Jr.
The usage and distribution license is here.

Quick Install and Usage Instructions

1.  make a directory named footprints in your home directory

2.  Download the file http://www.luciani.org/geda/pcb/pcb-symbols-jcl_2008-4-25.tgz to the footprints directory

3. tar zxf pcb-symbols-jcl_2008-4-25.tgz

4. For each component in your schematic to the following
5.  After you have saved your schematic you can create a PCB layout with the command ---

gsch2pcb --use-files --elements-dir ~/footprints SCHEMATIC_NAME

where SCHEMATIC_NAME is the filename of your schematic.

No-Fee Symbol License Version 0.2


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Permission is granted to distribute these symbols verbatim, individually or in a collection, provided that (1) no fee is charged and (2) the individual symbol or symbol collection is licensed under terms identical to this one.

Permission is granted to make and distribute modified versions of these symbols individually or in a collection under the conditions for verbatim distribution, provided that the entire resulting distribution is released with license terms identical to this one.

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